The Fate Of Bingo Halls

The Fate Of Bingo Halls

Not long ago, the local bingo hall was a fixture in most communities. Those days are changing, however, and bingo halls all across the United Kingdom and other countries are closing their doors for good. There are a number of factors in play in this situation, but none are as important as the online bingo factor.

When bingo was first becoming popular online, most people associated with traditional bingo halls saw it as a good thing. After all, bingo had always had an image problem. They were often seen as the domain of senior citizens, and most people middle-aged and younger were reluctant to try the game.

In that sense, bingo online certainly had a great effect. It removed the barrier. More young people, and especially more men, were trying bingo than ever before due to anonymity of the Internet. The expectation from bingo halls is that this would eventually lead to increased traffic through their doors.

That increase, however, never happened; in fact, the opposite did. As online bingo grew in popularity, attendance at brick-and-mortar bingo halls fell dramatically. What had unexpectedly happened was that the traditional bingo player was also trying the game online and deciding that they liked it better.

Upon closer examination, the reasons for this shift become obvious. Bingo online is much more convenient. It lets players play at all hours of the day and night, and they can kick back and play in their “sloppies.” Bingo online also gives them a greater selection of formats, rooms, friends and prizes.

The day when traditional bingo halls no longer exist is not far off, and for people who truly love bingo, that will be a sad day indeed. An argument can be made that saving the classic bingo hall is actually in the best interest of the online industry, but if a fix exists, nobody has found it yet.

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