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Facebook Launches Real Money Bingo App

Have you ever heard of Bingo Friendzy? If not, then be patient because you will hear of it in due time. This is the new bingo application that Facebook is adding. No, it’s not your ordinary bingo application. Rather, it’s a real money gaming application. Since the U.K. is already home to millions of passionate bingo enthusiasts, this should bode well for Facebook.

Another reason this Facebook addition should go well is because the Bingo Friendzy application has been created by Jackpot Joy. This is the most reputable online casino site in the U.K. There might be bigger names in the industry, but when it comes to enormous jackpots, safety, and security, no other online casino compares to Jackpot Joy. The only other one that comes close is Sun Bingo.

What will make real money bingo on Facebook so exciting is that progressive jackpots will be offered. This means that millionaires will be made on a daily basis. In a way, it’s an opportunity to play the lottery as often as you want. Some would liken this to keno, but keno doesn’t pay nearly as much money as a win on a progressive bingo jackpot. Bonus games will also be offered.

The chat feature is important because it makes real money bingo on Facebook justifiable. For example, Facebook is a social networking site. Therefore, the chat feature makes sense. This will lead to Bingo Friendzy being more than just a game, but a hangout of sorts as well.

For now, Bingo Friendzy will only be offered in the United Kingdom. With liberal and safe gaming laws in the U.K., this makes sense. However, if it’s successful here, then it’s likely to be offered in other countries in the future.

In regards to underage gambling, several strict identification procedures have put into place. To be extra cautious, Facebook has even blocked Bingo Friendzy news feeds to underage users.

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