Wink Bingo Winners

Wink Bingo Means Big Winners

The people who play at Wink Bingo tend to be very happy people. Since the site is setup so you’re always risking a little to win a lot, no one ever gets hurt. Even if someone is running bad, it’s only a matter of time before they hit a big jackpot. That being the case, Wink Bingo offers the ideal environment for those who want a chance at winning a lot without having to risk much at all. Let’s take a look at some recent winners.

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It takes a while for recent winners to be published at Wink Bingo, so the most recent wins are for May 2012. Players have usernames instead of using their real names, although sometimes they might use their first name or part of their sir name in their username.

One of the top winners at Wink Bingo in May was dolphin2011, who won 3,000 GBP in the Spring Fling Game. She plans on using that money for an exotic holiday. Another big winner in the Spring Fling Game was ryman, who won 1,500 GBP. He plans on using that money for a one-week holiday with his family. Username tweety67 is very happy with her 1,000-pound win. She now claims to love Wink Bingo, which is understandable. Shaejoe won 2440.40 GBP in the ITG Room, and he claims it was his first big win ever. He’s not sure how to spend the money yet, but he has given a big thanks to Wink Bingo.

The Saturday 2,500 also produced many different winners. For example, SJR34 won 1,250 GBP. This was after buying only six tickets. Moulden won the same amount and was quite surprised about it. Players like Rich2178 and tywelsh74 won 500 GBP each.

These must all sound like big wins, but none of them compare to Alph1, who took home 6,914 GBP from the Hangout Room. He also plans on using that money for holiday. Oyster15 “only” won 2,000 GBP from the Hangout Room, but she won nearly 8,000 GBP after that by playing fruit machines at Wink Bingo.

Obviously, Wink Bingo produces many more winners than the average online casino. Give it a go as soon as possible.

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