Paddy Power Bingo Winners

Big Winners At Paddy Power Bingo

Winning large sums of money is very possible at Paddy Power Bingo. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent big winners. We’ll tell you what games they played and how much money they won. We’ll also tell you about other big jackpots at Paddy Power, as well as current promotions.

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In July 20120, there were many big winners at Paddy Power. Username gallaxy09 won 3,104 pounds at Cleopatra Slot. MissMuppeetts won 1,950 pounds in the Sapphire Room. All the other big wins at Paddy Power Bingo took place in the Gold Room. July was a hot month for the Gold Room.

Big winners in the Gold Room at Paddy Power included shauna5 for 2,350 pounds, Kes9600 for 1,750 pounds, wadexx for 1,739 pounds, xtraceytrotter for 1,482 pounds, misswjb for 1,285 pounds, wadexx (again) for 1,250 pounds, margeof for 1,216 pounds and nongnong12345 for 1,211 pounds.

Now let’s take a look at June. We’d like to do this so you can see that every month is not as Gold Room-heavy as July 2012. Willyboi10 was the biggest winner of all in June since he won 5,078 pounds at Bouncy Balls and 2,500 pounds at Cogmania only five days apart from one another. Grey88hound won 3,000 pounds at Captain Jackpots. Username linnie66 won 1,860 pounds at Amazon Wild. The Sapphire Room also paid out 1,750 pounds to 00hunter00.

If you’re more interested in progressive jackpots at Paddy Power, then you should know that they are now paying between 300,000 and 1,775,042 pounds. These are obviously much bigger jackpots, but they’re also tougher to win. Then again, someone has to win, so why not you?

Free Bingo

Paddy Power Bingo is currently offering a New Player Bonus where every five pounds you spend leads to 20 free pounds. Another running promotion is 10 percent cash back on side games. A third generous promotion is free bingo for one year. The latter is a dandy since it means no risk with big potential rewards.

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