Bingo Club Closes In Sheffield

A MeccaBingo club in Sheffield has become the latest place to close down for financial reasons as 37 staff look set to lose their jobs.

It is being reported by those interested in Bingo Online Free that the club will close on the 8th April due to the fact that it isn’t making enough money.

A spokesperson for Mecca said: “Basically the site is just not commercially viable any more. We don’t take these decisions lightly but it is losing money.”

“We will make every effort to try and relocate staff in other posts within the group. We would hope that the members will come to our Flat Street site instead.”

“We must stress that we don’t take these decisions lightly but the club is not commercially viable.”

It is thought that the club is open for the next few weeks before a meeting at the start of April will confirm its closure.

A former worker spoke of the situation, said: “I think it is sad for some of the customers, some people go there most days. It is a community for some people, a place to meet others and get out of the house.”

Perhaps it is time to check out the latest Gala Bingo Review and search for a new place to play the game so many people enjoy.

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